About Michelle

welcome to my writing journey

Welcome to the madness that is my brain—in words!

I won’t go into how this lifestyle blog/portfolio/magazine-ish site was born. I will have plenty of blog posts on that topic. But I do want to take this opportunity to say thank you to anyone who reads my writing, whatever form it is in, and who have supported me since I put my first word on a page.

Whether it was my high school English teachers who encouraged me, my English Lit professors who pushed me, the public who followed my old local news site and encouraged me to keep going, my Facebook friends who regularly interact with my random written rambles about the world, or those of you who have supported my indie author career.

I spent a lot of time looking at my writing journey as individual career paths, mutually exclusive of each other.

Was I a journalist or an author? A blogger or just someone who “talks too much” on social media.

It took an unexpected life change that thrust me from my comfort zone and a lot of self-analyzing to realize what I am is a writer.

I write words.

It’s how I have and always will express myself.

It’s how I best think and how I best speak.

It’s how I support others.

And maybe the written word isn’t as relevant as it once was in this world of videos, podcasts, and lessened attention spans, but what life so far has taught me is that’s okay. Because I’m doing what I love.

My way.

That’s enough.