Indie Author Spotlight – Caroline Noe

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Writing primarily in the genres of science fiction and fantasy, London based author Caroline Noe released her debut novel “Firestone Key” in April 2018. While the tag line for “Firestone Key” is Every Evil Has An Origin, Noe said it could as easily have been Every Action Has A Consequence. 

“The time traveling plot twists and turns, following the decision made by a scarred young woman who’s been given impossible choices. There’s darkness, a lot of humour and revelation, right up to the last page,” said Noe. “I’m fascinated by the pivotal moments of life around which our destiny turns. Every action matters, whether you know it or not. My motto is Live It Like It Matters. I hope I do.”

Noe is no stranger to the creative arts, though she focused primarily on the performance arts in her younger years. Even then, she dabbled in other forms of writing ranging from articles to even song lyrics. In the end, it was simply a love for storytelling that inspired Noe to write.  

“We all have stories to tell. Being able to free flow write helped me get through a hard period of my life and revealed a lot about character, motivation, ambition and, more importantly, helped me find my voice,” said Noe. “I feel most like me when I write.”

Noe also picked up a love for photography along the way and regularly posts her photos on her Instagram account. 

“I tend to notice more now and in greater depth,” she said.

Noe’s love for the fantasy genre can be traced back to her childhood when she read “The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis. She credits Star Wars for her interest in sci-fi.

“I wanted to run away with Luke Skywalker,” said Noe. “Still do.”

Noe made the decision to independently publish “Firestone Key” because she wanted to retain strategic and marketing control of her novel. She always intended to publish the novel, so others could read it, because she believes creativity to be a communal experience.

“It takes on a life of its own, above and beyond the originator,” said Noe.

While certain aspects of indie publishing, like formatting and marketing, have been challenging, Noe said holding the printed novel in her hands for the first time and reading the dedication to her father offset those challenges. Finishing the novel also showed her she was more able and resilient than she once thought. 

“If I can do it, so can you,” said Noe. 

As far as advice for anyone just getting started as an indie author, Noe said, “Don’t try to do everything at once. Plan to do something every day and keep moving forward. You’ll get there. Be disciplined, but also be kind.”

In addition to building her author platform, Noe is also working on the first part of the epic trilogy “Canellian Eye: Prophecy”.

“It explores just how slippery destiny can be. Does anyone have the absolute right to lead? And what if that leader doubts himself?” said Noe.

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