Letting Go

by | Sep 5, 2020 | 0 comments

Letting go when you take your first steps. When you solo on your bike for the first time. Letting go of your mother’s hand as you walk into that elementary school building. When you move to middle school, then to high school, then into adulthood.

You let go of those plans you made at eighteen as life takes different twists and turns. Of dreams that no longer fit in with your reality. Of jobs that no longer work. Careers that disappear. Loved ones who pass away. Friends on a different path. You let go of a piece of yourself when you meet that special someone. When you have children. When your life is no longer just about you.

You let go when they are born. You let go of their hand for the first time. You let go when they drive away. And again, when they leave as an adult.

You both are letting go at the same time.

In between all we can do is hang onto that moment, that person, the best we can until it’s time to release our grip.

Because life is built on moments of letting go.